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Kazem Bakian Dogaheh
(updated: 03-May-2020)
Address: University of Southern California
1042 Downey Way,
Denney Research Center (DRB), Suite 226
Los Angeles CA 90007
Phone: 3237491994
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ABoVE Project Participation:  
Project Title:Role
Tabatabaeenejad (TE 2016): Estimation of Belowground Biomass and Permafrost Active Layer Properties Using Radar and Lidar Measurements (view profile)Student-Graduate

ABoVE Working Group(s):
ABoVE WG Airborne Data
ABoVE WG Airborne Science
ABoVE WG Digital Elevation Models
ABoVE WG Hydrology & Permafrost
ABoVE WG Modeling Framework & Comparisons
ABoVE WG Radar Active Layer-Deep Soil Moisture
ABoVE WG Radar Wetlands and Surface Soil Moisture
ABoVE WG Radarsat
ABoVE WG SAR Cal/Val Data Synthesis

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NASA Terrestrial Ecology (TE):

Bakian Dogaheh (NESSF 2018) (Project Lead)
TE 2019 STM Invite
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