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Donald McLennan
(updated: 14-Apr-2021)
Address: Polar Knowledge Canada
Senior Science Advisor
2 - 906 Dorchester Avenue
Winnipeg Manitoba R3M0R8
Phone: 6132956135
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ABoVE Project Participation:  
Project Title:Role
Goetz (TE 2018): Mapping and modeling attributes of an arctic-boreal biome shift: Phase-2 applications within the ABoVE domain (view profile)Collaborator
McLennan (2015): CHARS Experimental and Reference Area (ERA) (view profile)Project Lead

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ABoVE WG Digital Elevation Models
ABoVE WG Hydrology & Permafrost
ABoVE WG Radar Active Layer-Deep Soil Moisture
ABoVE WG Radarsat
ABoVE WG Spectral Imaging
ABoVE WG Vegetation Dynamics and Distribution

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