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Christopher (Chris) Woodall
(updated: 28-Sep-2021)
Address: USDA Forest Service
Northern Research Station
271 Mast Rd
Durham NH 03824
Phone: 651-649-5141
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CMS Project Participation:  
Project Title:Role
Saatchi (CMS 2011): Prototyping MRV Systems Based on Systematic and Spatial Estimates of Carbon Stock and Stock Changes of Forestlands (view profile)Co-Investigator
Duren (2013): Understanding user needs for carbon monitoring information (view profile)Co-Investigator (Science Team Member)
Cohen (CMS 2013): An Historically Consistent and Broadly Applicable MRV System Based on Lidar Sampling and Landsat Time-series (Tested in the US, and applied to the US NGHGI reporting system) (view profile)Co-Investigator
Hudak (CMS 2014): Prototyping A Methodology To Develop Regional-Scale Forest Aboveground Biomass Carbon Maps Predicted From Landsat Time Series, Trained From Field and Lidar Data Collections, And Independently Validated With FIA Data (view profile)Participant
Saatchi (CMS 2015): Annual GHG Inventory and MRV System for the US Forestlands (view profile)Co-Investigator
Hayes (CMS 2020): Supporting Stakeholder Data Requirements for Decision-Making in Managed Forests: A Landscape Model-Data Framework for High Resolution Carbon Accounting and Uncertainty Estimation (view profile)Collaborator

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