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Compton Tucker
(updated: 26-Nov-2012)
Address: NASA GSFC
Greenbelt MD
Phone: 301.614.6644
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CMS Project Participation:  
Project Title:Role
Masek-Nemani-Saatchi-Tucker (2009): NASA CMS Pilot Projects: Biomass and Carbon Storage (view profile)Project Lead (Science Team Member)
Sedano (CMS 2016): Forest degradation driven by charcoal production: characterization, quantification and forecasting to improve carbon monitoring systems in southern Africa (view profile)Collaborator

CMS Group Participation:
CMS 2010 Scoping Study Workshop Invitee
CMS 2010 Scoping Study Workshop Participants
CMS 2016 All
CMS 2016 Projects
CMS Access to Filesharing and Email Lists
CMS Biomass June 2011 Team Meeting Invited & Participants/Fileshare
CMS Biomass Pilot Study Center Leads (Project Lead)
CMS Biomass Pilot Study Participants
CMS Biomass Pilot Study Participants (Project Lead)
CMS Biomass Research User
CMS Flux July 2011 Team Meeting Filesharing
CMS Phase 1 Leads
CMS SDT March 2011 Meeting Invited & Participants/Fileshare
CMS SDT Sept. 2011 Meeting File Sharing
CMS Scoping Study Workshop Steering Committee
CMS-1 All Participants

Other Group Participation:

NASA Arctic-Boreal Vulnerability Experiment (ABoVE):

ABoVE 2016 STM2 Invitees
ABoVE 2018 STM4 Invitees
ABoVE 2019 STM Invite
ABoVE 2020 STM6 Invite
ABoVE 2021 Planning EMAIL List
ABoVE All Email List
ABoVE All Science Team Email List
Neigh (AIST 2016) (Co-Investigator)

NASA Biological Diversity & Ecological Conservation (BDEC):

BDEC All Email List
BDEC Project Participants
Neigh (AIST 2016) (Co-Investigator)

NASA Land-Cover & Land-Use Change (LCLUC):

Tucker (CARBON 2007) (Project Lead)

North American Carbon Program (NACP):

2004 Missoula RS Workshop - NACP relevant RS project participants
NACP Broad Mailing List
NACP Project Participants
Smith (CARBON 2020) (Co-Investigator)
Tucker (2005) (Project Lead)
Tucker (CARBON 2004) (Project Lead)

NASA Terrestrial Ecology (TE):

Reed (TE 2022) (Collaborator)
Smith (CARBON 2020) (Co-Investigator)
TE 2010 Meeting Registrants
TE 2010 Speakers
TE 2011 Science Team Meeting Registrants
TE 2019 STM Invite
TE All Email List
Tucker (CARBON 2004) (Project Lead)

NASA Carbon Cycle & Ecosystems (CCE):

2006 JSW Participants
2008 CCE JSW Registrants
2011 CCE JSW Invited speakers
2011 CCE JSW Registrants
2011 CCE JSW Syn & Data speakers