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Hanqin Tian
(updated: 21-Feb-2017)
Address: Auburn University
School of Forestry and Wildlife Sciences
602 Duncan Drive
Auburn AL 36849
Phone: 334-844-1059

CMS Project Participation:  
Project Title:Role
Lohrenz (IDS 2009): Assessing Impacts of Climate and Land Use Change on Terrestrial-Ocean Fluxes of Carbon and Nutrients and Their Cycling in Coastal Ecosystems (view profile)Co-Investigator
Friedrichs (IDS 2009): Impacts of Changing Climate and Land Use on Carbon Cycling and Budgets of the Coastal Ocean Margin: Observations, Analysis, and Modeling (view profile)Co-Investigator
Lohrenz (CMS 2011): Development of Observational Products and Coupled Models of Land-Ocean-Atmospheric Fluxes in the Mississippi River Watershed and Gulf of Mexico in Support of Carbon Monitoring (view profile)Co-Investigator
Lohrenz (CMS 2014): An Integrated Terrestrial-Coastal Ocean Observation and Modeling Framework for Carbon Management Decision Support (view profile)Co-Investigator (Science Team Member)

CMS Group Participation:
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CMS 2014 Leads and Science Team Members
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Other Group Participation:

NASA Arctic-Boreal Vulnerability Experiment (ABoVE):

ABoVE 2016 STM2 Invitees
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ABoVE 2019 STM Invite
ABoVE Airborne Daily - EMAIL LIST
ABoVE All Email List
ABoVE Science Team
Fisher (TE 2014) (Collaborator)

Carbon North America (CarboNA):

2007 Joint Carbon Meeting Participants
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North American Carbon Program (NACP):

2005 Roster List of People Interested in NACP
2007 Joint Carbon Meeting Participants
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2011 NACP/AmeriFlux Meeting Registrants
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Coastal Synthesis - All
Coastal Synthesis - Gulf of Mexico
Fisher (TE 2014) (Collaborator)
Huntzinger (CARBON 2013)
Interim Synthesis - non-CO2 Greenhouse Gases
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Synthesis: Site-Level
Tian (2005) (Project Lead)
Tian (2006) (Project Lead)

NASA Ocean Biology & Biogeochemistry (OBB):

OBB All Email List
OBB Project Participants

NASA Terrestrial Ecology (TE):

Fisher (TE 2014) (Collaborator)
Huntzinger (CARBON 2013)
TE All Email List

NASA Carbon Cycle & Ecosystems (CCE):

2006 JSW Participants
2008 CCE JSW Registrants
2015 JSW Registrants