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Andrew (Andy) Jacobson
(updated: 15-Mar-2021)
Address: Cooperative Institute for Research in Environmental Sciences (CIRES)
325 Broadway, R/GMD1
Boulder CO 80305
Phone: 303-497-4916

NACP Project Participation:  
Project Title:Role
Huntzinger (CARBON 2013): MsTMIP Phase II: Multi-scale Synthesis and Terrestrial Model Intercomparison Project (view profile)Co-Investigator
Jacobson (2007): CarbonTracker (view profile)Project Lead
Michalak (TE 2009): MsTMIP Phase 1: The North American Carbon Program Multi-scale Synthesis and Terrestrial Model Intercomparison Project (view profile)Co-Investigator
Synthesis: Inverse Modelers (Regional-Continental) : Inverse Modelers (Regional-Continental) Synthesis Activity (view profile)Project Lead
Synthesis: Regional-Continental: Regional and Continental Synthesis Activities (view profile)Project Lead
Turner (TE 2008): Assessing The Sensitivity Of Net Ecosystem Exchange Over North America To Climate And Disturbance With Prognostic And Diagnostic Models (view profile)Co-Investigator

Synthesis Group Participation:     (more on NACP synthesis activities)
Interim Synthesis - Inverse Modelers (Regional-Continental)
Interim Synthesis - Regional-Continental Core Group
Interim Synthesis - Regional-Continental Participants
Interim Synthesis Coordinators

Other NACP Group Participation:
2007 US AND Joint Meeting Participants
2007 US NACP Meeting Participants
2009 NACP Breakout Chairs
2009 NACP Meeting Plenary Speakers
2011 NACP Meeting Committee (Chair)
2011 NACP/AmeriFlux Meeting Registrants
2013 NACP Meeting Planning Committee
2013 NACP Meeting Registrants
2013 Third MsTMIP Workshop Registrants
2015 AmeriFlux PI Meeting Registrants
2015 NACP Breakout Moderators
2015 NACP Meeting Registrants
2015 NACP and AmeriFlux Meeting Registrants
2021 NACP OSM Registrants
NACP Broad Mailing List
NACP Core Project Leads
NACP Core and Affliated Project Leads
NACP Project Participants

Other Group Participation:

NASA Arctic-Boreal Vulnerability Experiment (ABoVE):

ABoVE 2016 STM2 Invitees
ABoVE 2018 STM4 Invitees
ABoVE 2019 STM Invite
ABoVE 2020 STM6 Invite
ABoVE 2021 Planning EMAIL List
ABoVE Airborne Daily - EMAIL LIST
ABoVE All Email List
ABoVE Science Team
Hu (TE 2018) (Collaborator)

Carbon North America (CarboNA):

2007 US AND Joint Meeting Participants

NASA Carbon Monitoring System (CMS):

CMS 2010 Scoping Study Workshop Invitee
CMS 2010 Scoping Study Workshop Participants
CMS Flux Research User

NASA Terrestrial Ecology (TE):

Hu (TE 2018) (Collaborator)
TE 2019 STM Invite
TE All Email List

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