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NASA's Arctic-Boreal Vulnerability Experiment


Kevin Schaefer
(updated: 26-Apr-2021)
Address: National Snow and Ice Data Center
National Snow and Ice Data Center (NSIDC)
449 UCB, University of Colorado
Boulder CO 80309-0449
Phone: 303-492-8869

ABoVE Project Participation:  
Project Title:Role
Fisher (TE 2014): A Model-Data Integration Framework (MoDIF) for ABoVE Phase I research: simulation, scaling and benchmarking for key indicators of Arctic-boreal ecosystem dynamics (view profile)Collaborator
Rogers (CARBON 2016): Understanding the Causes and Implications of Enhanced Seasonal CO2 Exchange in Boreal and Arctic Ecosystems (view profile)Collaborator
Schaefer (CMAC 2014): PBS project: A Permafrost Benchmark System to evaluate permafrost models (view profile)Project Lead
Schaefer (RRNES 2015): YKD project--Yukon-Kuskokwim Delta: The Impact of Fire on Active Layer Thickness (view profile)Project Lead
Schaefer (TE 2012): Remotely-Sensed Active Layer Thickness (ReSALT) Product Derived from InSAR Data Over North American Arctic Regions (view profile)Project Lead
Schaefer (TE 2016): The Airborne InSAR and PolSAR Permafrost Dynamics Observatory (view profile)Project Lead

ABoVE Working Group(s):
ABoVE WG Airborne Data
ABoVE WG Airborne Science
ABoVE WG Carbon Dynamics
ABoVE WG Chairs
ABoVE WG Digital Elevation Models
ABoVE WG Fire and Insect Disturbance
ABoVE WG Hydrology & Permafrost
ABoVE WG Modeling Framework & Comparisons
ABoVE WG Planet Imagery Evaluation
ABoVE WG Radar Active Layer-Deep Soil Moisture
ABoVE WG Radarsat
ABoVE WG SAR Cal/Val Data Synthesis
ABoVE WG Vegetation Dynamics and Distribution

Other ABoVE Group Participation:
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Pre-ABoVE Projects

Other Group Participation:

Carbon North America (CarboNA):

2007 Joint Carbon Meeting Participants
2007 US AND Joint Meeting Participants

NASA Carbon Monitoring System (CMS):

CMS 2010 Scoping Study Workshop Invitee
CMS 2010 Scoping Study Workshop Participants

North American Carbon Program (NACP):

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Huntzinger (CARBON 2013) (Co-Investigator)
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NACP Core Project Leads
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Schaefer (2011) (Project Lead)
Schaefer (TE 2009) (Project Lead)
Synthesis: Site-Level (Project Lead)
Zhang (NACP 2005) (Co-Investigator)

NASA Terrestrial Ecology (TE):

Huntzinger (CARBON 2013) (Co-Investigator)
Michalak (TE 2009) (Co-Investigator)
Schaefer (TE 2009) (Project Lead)
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Zhang (NACP 2005) (Co-Investigator)

NASA Carbon Cycle & Ecosystems (CCE):

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