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Patrick Megonigal
(updated: 06-Nov-2019)
Address: Smithsonian Environmental Research Center
Smithsonian Environmental Research Center
647 Contees Wharf Road
PO Box 28
Edgewood MD 21037
Phone: 443-482-2346

CMS Working Group(s):
CMS WG Methane

CMS Project Participation:  
Project Title:Role
Holmquist (CMS 2018): Data-Model Integration for Monitoring and Forecasting Coastal Wetland Carbon Exchanges: Serving Local to National Greenhouse Gas Inventories (view profile)Co-Investigator (Science Team Member)

Other CMS Group Participation:
CMS 2018 All
CMS 2018 Leads and Science Team Members
CMS 2018 Projects

Other Group Participation:

North American Carbon Program (NACP):

2017 NACP/AmeriFlux Meeting Registrants
NACP Broad Mailing List
NACP Project Participants
Tzortziou (2007) (Co-Investigator)
Tzortziou (CARBON 2013) (Co-Investigator)

NASA Ocean Biology & Biogeochemistry (OBB):

OBB All Email List
OBB Project Participants
Tzortziou (CARBON 2013) (Co-Investigator)