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Paul Stoy
(updated: 08-Mar-2021)
Address: University of Wisconsin
Madison WI

Group Participation:

North American Carbon Program (NACP):

2011 NACP Meeting Committee
2011 NACP/AmeriFlux Meeting Registrants
2013 NACP Meeting Registrants
2017 NACP/AmeriFlux Meeting Registrants
2021 NACP OSM Registrants
AmeriFlux investigators (March 2012)
AmeriFlux PIs and tower contacts - July 2014
Cook (NACP 2005)
Desai (2018)
Interim Synthesis - Site-Level Participants
Mid-Continent Intensive (MCI) Science Team
NACP Broad Mailing List
NACP Project Participants
Stoy (2011) (Project Lead)
Synthesis: Site-Level

NASA Terrestrial Ecology (TE):

Cook (NACP 2005)