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L. Monika (Monika) Moskal
(updated: 29-Oct-2020)
Address: University of Washington
School of Environmental and Forest Sciences
Precision Forestry Cooperative
Seattle WA 98195
Phone: 2062251510

CMS Working Group(s):
CMS WG Biomass
CMS WG Stakeholder

CMS Project Participation:  
Project Title:Role
Hudak (CMS 2018): A bottom-up, stakeholder-driven CMS for regional biomass carbon dynamics: Phase II (view profile)Collaborator
Moskal (CMS 2018): Teal Carbon Stakeholder-driven Monitoring of Forested Wetland Carbon (view profile)Project Lead (Science Team Member)

Other CMS Group Participation:
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Other Group Participation:

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NASA Terrestrial Ecology (TE):

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