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Kristofer (Kris) Johnson
(updated: 28-Jul-2017)
Address: USDA Forest Service
11 Campus Blvd. Suite 200
Newtown Square, PA 19073
Broomall PA 19073

CMS Project Participation:  
Project Title:Role
Saatchi (CMS 2011): Prototyping MRV Systems Based on Systematic and Spatial Estimates of Carbon Stock and Stock Changes of Forestlands (view profile)Participant
Masek-Nemani-Saatchi-Tucker (2009): NASA CMS Pilot Projects: Biomass and Carbon Storage (view profile)Participant
Vargas (CMS 2013): A framework for carbon monitoring and upscaling in forests across Mexico to support implementation of REDD+ (view profile)Co-Investigator (Science Team Member)
Dubayah (CMS 2013): Development of a Prototype MRV System to Support Carbon Ecomarket Infrastructure in Sonoma County (view profile)Participant
Hurtt (CMS 2016): High-Resolution Carbon Monitoring and Modeling: Continued Prototype Development and Deployment to Regional and National Scales (view profile)Collaborator
Vargas (CMS 2016): Carbon monitoring systems across Mexico to support implementation of REDD+: maximizing benefits and knowledge (view profile)Collaborator

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